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An important aspect of socializing is 'small talk' – informal conversation about things that are not important but establish your goodwill towards the other person and allow you to get to know him/her better. Small talk happens all the time between casual acquaintances, people travelling together and people you meet in the course of your work etc.
The difference between socializing and chatting with your friends is that you have known your friends for a long time, and can be open with them, while small talk is made with people you may not know. Therefore, while socializing you have to be careful about the topics you discuss. Avoid subjects that can give offence and do not ask probing personal questions about age, salary, or marital status.
Normally the conversation is about the weather, hotels, meals, entertainment, the news of the day etc. Very often the topics flow from the conversational contacts. The answers to questions and the comments that follow can provide a lead to the next topic. When Yes or No answers. Add an opinion or ask for the other person's opinion or feeling.
Another important aspect of small talk is the timing, how long one should carry on with it. The simple answer it not too long, particularly in a formal or business situation. One should not wait for the guest to signal that it is time for work or move on by looking at the watch or clipping open the file or brief case.Seafood exports from India be yet to gather momentum as high prices, adverse weather conditions and diseases continue to affect stocking of shrimps, which account for about three-fourths of the takings from export of marine products. This apart, seafood exporters are facing rapture from the Seafood Import Monitoring Programme (SIMP) being implemented by the US and it is one of the largest buyers of Indian shrimps.
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Top 10 Speed

# Total Word Typed Word Correct Word Wrong Word Time Used Speed(WPM)
1 314 315 306 9 7.32 43
2 314 316 292 24 7.32 43
3 314 315 296 19 7.63 41
4 314 412 385 27 10 41
5 314 314 294 20 7.23 41
6 314 315 299 16 7.3 40.96
7 314 316 303 13 7.57 40.03
8 314 316 300 4 7.92 39.9
9 314 315 310 5 8 39
10 314 314 312 2 7.92 39
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