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Fentanyl is a synthetic, narcotic- like drug prescribed for severe pain. It helps reduce the feeling of suffering and can induce a state of extreme relaxation and happiness.
Fentanyl was made in 1960, and introduced a an anesthesia. It can be used as a patch, an injection, by smoking, or lollipop. In India, it is mostly given as an analgesic in Operation Theatres and Intensive Care Units, especially after surgical procedures. It is sold under different brand names.
Fentanyl can lead to death. An overdose can result in severe respiratory depression or arrest, during which breathing is slowed or stops altogether. But it is very difficult to determine that standard dose of drug which can lead to death. A dose that can kill one person may provide medicinal pain relief to another. But such painkiller drugs can, if taken for long, build up tolerance to them.
In March 2015, the US Drug Enforcement Administration issued a nationwide alert about the dangers of fentanyl. It said that Mexican authorities had shut down several laboratories. The fentanyl that was seized in Northeast US and California in 2014 had come from Mexican drug trafficking organizations.
According to the DEA, the first case of fentanyl abuse came to light in mid- 1970s. From 2005 -2007 the agency said, the drug caused more than 1,000 death in the U.S. The fentanyl that caused
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