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Despite the fact that too much fat can be harmful. a moderate fat intake is actually essential for the maintenance of good health. Some of the symptoms of fat deficiency include flaking skin. emaciation. reduced functioning of the immune system and fertility problems. Recent studies have Linked fat-free diets to increased stress and aggression. In fact, those who try to eliminate fat completely from their food intake may be at risk of eating disorders. A small amount of fat in a meal will produce a feeling of satiety which lasts much longer than the sensation of fullness produced by protein or carbohydrates. At least two spoons of fat per day is needed for the digestive system to absorb Vitamins A, D. E and K which are fat soluble. These vitamins are essential for healthy hair, skin, teeth and eyes Without the ability to absorb these vitamins, children run the risk of developmental and neurological disorders. Adults need these vitamins to manufacture fertility hormones.
Some types of fats actually reduce harmful cholesterol levels. Polysaturated fats such as corn soybean and sesame oil and Monosaturated fats like chicken fat and olive oil seem to lower blood cholesterol. while saturated fats-those found in red meat. dairy products and tropical oils seem to raise the level of the kind of cholesterol that accumulates like plaque on arterial Walls. Paying attention to the type of fat consumed is just as important as reducing total fat intake.
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# Total Word Typed Word Correct Word Wrong Word Time Used Speed(WPM)
1 241 241 205 7 2.05 71.46
2 241 241 240 1 3.78 63.49
3 241 241 237 4 4.05 58.52
4 241 243 242 1 4.25 56.94
5 241 244 241 3 4.7 51.28
6 241 48 43 5 0.88 48.86
7 241 242 222 20 4.63 47.95
8 241 242 238 4 5.17 46.03
9 241 29 27 2 0.62 46
10 241 241 240 1 5.32 45.11
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