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Birbal was the favorite minister of king Akbar. The king's bolter-in-law. Hussain Khan was very jealous of him. He wanted Birbal's job and so he decided to talk to his sister. the queen. One day. when Akbar went to his room, he found his Begum looking very angry. when king asked her the reason. she said. "I want you to make my brother the minister at your court in place of Birbal."
The king said. "How can I do that? Your brother is not very intelligent. besides how can I tell Birbal to leave his job without any reason?"
The Begum thought for some time and said. "Why don't you ask Birbal to do something which is impossible. and when he does not do it. tell him to get out. When you are in the garden tomorrow. tell Birbal to bring me to you. I will refuse to come. so, you can dismiss him."
The next day. Akbar sat sadly in his garden and when Birbal asked him why he was upset. the king said. "Your queen. my Begum is angry with me and refuses to talk to me. If you bring her to me here, I'll give you a prize. If you don't, I'll take away your job" Birbal went to the queen and said. "Begum Sahiba-Jahanpanah wants you in the garden please. Before he could finish his sentence. a messenger came and whispered something in Birbal's ears. The queen was curious but the only words she could hear were "she is beautiful. "Birbal then turned to the queen and said "Forgive me Begum Sahiba, you do not have to come to the garden now. The situation has changed." and he left.
At this the queen became Very curious and quickly ran to the garden. She was surprised to see the king alone. The king was also surprised to see her and he said. "But you told me you will not come? Why are you here?"
The queen told him about Birbal and the messenger. The king was very amused and called Birbal and gave him a prize.
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3 353 355 347 8 6.27 55.34
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5 353 346 312 34 6 52
6 353 349 325 24 6.28 51.75
7 353 353 347 6 6.88 50.44
8 353 354 353 1 7.1 49.72
9 353 481 460 3 10 48.1
10 353 481 460 3 10 48.1
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