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Interviewer: (Int) Tell us something about yourself.
Interviewee: (Annu) I passed out from Delhi University with a post-graduation in Education. I've been working for the past one year in an organization that publishes children's magazines, but I'm looking to expand my horizons now and work for a larger corporate entity like yours.
Int: Why are you interested in this position?
Annu: I visited your website and found that your company does a lot of work for improving literacy levels in public schools. In college, I participated in a number of programmes that were aimed at encouraging students to attain greater heights in their education. I think that it would be a rewarding learning experience for me, and I believe that I can use my past experiences to excel in the position.
Int: What's one of your weaknesses?
Annu: I would say that it is not my weakness but yes, an area not captured much in my previous job. I did not have much opportunity to practice public speaking because the job involved more sedentary deskwork. I would really like to work in a place that could allow me to develop this skill further.
Int: How do other describe you?
Annu: My colleagues describe me as a hard-working person. I'm the first one to lend a helping hand to other when needed. I've always been very self-motivated, and my colleagues know that they can count on me.
Int: Why do you think that you are the best candidate for this position?
Annu: I'm really impressed by the work that your company does in the field of teacher training. I have worked with an NGO before and done some research and training work in the rural sector. So, it is not a new area for me to explore.
Int: Do you have any questions for us? Or. Is there anything about the company that we haven't told you?
Annu: I would like to know the extent of travel involved in this job.
Int: Well, the job will give you a lot of scope to deal with people and train teachers from different schools pan India. I am sure it will be quite interesting and challenging for you.
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Top 10 Speed

# Total Word Typed Word Correct Word Wrong Word Time Used Speed(WPM)
1 376 373 340 33 7.43 48
2 376 376 375 1 8.05 46.58
3 376 376 348 28 8.2 46
4 376 376 376 0 8.25 45.58
5 376 376 349 27 7.73 45
6 376 377 374 3 8.6 43.49
7 376 379 354 13 8.82 42.91
8 376 380 368 12 8.95 41.12
9 376 377 365 12 8.92 41
10 376 409 379 4 10 40.9
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