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Four weeks ago I was late for work. I left my house five minutes later than usual and I saw my bus approaching the bus stop. I began to run, but I was too slow, I waited ten minutes for another bus and I was still gasping for air when it arrived. The next day I save up smoking, For the first few days I was very irritable, but now I feel much better. Now I ask: Why do people smoke?
Every year terms of doctors publish reports saying that smoking is dangerous for your health. Every year the Government pays for the advertisements telling people that smoking is bad for them. But there are millions of people who still smoke twenty or thirty cigarettes a day.
In some countries advertisements for cigarettes are not allowed on television. If you read newspaper or a magazine you will see cigarettes advertisements but at the bottom of each advertisement you will see the government health warning – Cigarette smoking is injurious to health. You can see this warning on the cigarette packets also. And yet people die from the effects of smoking. One wonders why people smoke!
Experts in various fields say that it is difficult to understand why people begin to smoke and why they make it a habit. Most people start smoking because other people around them do it. Children feel it makes them seem adult to smoke, and other children also encourage them to smoke. Some children see their parents smoking, so they start smoking too.
The effect that smoking has on a person helps to make it a habit. Cigarettes contain nicotine which has an effect. On the heart and the nervous system. Smoking one or two cigarettes causes an increase in the heart rate and a slight rise in blood pressure. The effect of smoking on the nervous system is that it reduces tension and helps to relax. People want these effects or feel they need them and start depending on them and they go on smoking.
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Top 10 Speed

# Total Word Typed Word Correct Word Wrong Word Time Used Speed(WPM)
1 343 329 321 8 3.63 88.43
2 343 341 336 5 5.03 66.8
3 343 343 340 3 6 56.67
4 343 342 314 3 6.17 55.43
5 343 343 341 2 6.23 54.74
6 343 68 63 1 1.32 51.52
7 343 58 53 0 1.15 50.43
8 343 496 458 38 10 50
9 343 343 340 3 6.82 49.85
10 343 343 330 13 6.77 48.74
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