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A strange event happened on Thursday. A Nilgai gave a tough time to the police and official of the forest department who took several hours to safely take the animal to Asola Bhatti Wildlife Sanctuary.
Early in the morning the Nilgai entered Delhi’s most protected Zone, Vijay Chowk. Senior officials spotted it going towards the parliament House.
The animal could be caught only after hours of struggle. The NGO, Wildlife SOS, had also deployed its 10-member team to rescued by Wildlife SOS from Vijay Chowk," the NGO tweeted after the rescue work was over. It is believed to have strayed from a forest area behind the President’s Estate. Initially a group of policemen rushed to remove the animal before VIP convoys of ministers and top officers started moving into the area.
The blue bull was seen running around the lawns as a PCR van was entrusted with the task of chasing it towards that zone. While the van was about to take a sharp turn, the Nilgai suddenly ran towards it a hit the vehicle on the driver’s side. The impact led to broken window glass and also caused injury the Nilgai’s leg.
The police team also made a human chain bordering the lawn to ensure that the Nilgai didn’t run towards the road again. Soon thereafter the traffic police also joined the Nilgai operation and the area was cordoned off. The incident also caused traffic snarls in the area which lasted for around an hour.
Finally, the forest department officials rescued the animal and explained that they had to be careful as the Nilgai has a "very delicate heart" and cannot be chased back to the forest and "had to be rescued."
A forest department officer further said that the department is yet to ascertain her age and whether the animal is pregnant or not. According to the forest department, it received a call about the presence of the animal in the VVIP zone around 10 AM following which teams were rushed to the spot
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7 341 342 313 29 5.88 53.23
8 341 342 313 29 6.47 48.38
9 341 342 323 19 6.85 47.15
10 341 342 337 5 7.25 46.48
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