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Like all sports, hunting has its own rules but there is no referee present to ensure that the rules are followed. The responsibility of following the rules depends on the sportsman himself. The wildlife staff keep a check but it is the sportsman who has to keep control on himself so that our wildlife is not destroyed.
The most serious and heavy damage to out wildlife is caused by poachers from villages adjoining the forests. Damage is also done by gangs from big towns who kill the wildlife to sell skin and horns. If we follow the rules strictly, we can continue to hunt without any loss of our fauna.
In order to save our wildlife, a number of national parks and game sanctuaries have been established, while national parks are established through an Act or parliament or State Legislature, sanctuaries are established through an administrative order of the government. National parks are permanent and their boundaries cannot be changed whereas sanctuaries are established for a fixed period of time, which may or may not be increased; and whose and 514 sanctuaries in India. The most famous are the Kanha National Park in Madhya Pradesh, the Corbett National park in Uttrakhand and Dudhwa National Park in Uttar Pradesh. In these national parks, the wildlife gets and opportunity to exist and multiply in a natural manner without any interference or danger from man. In the game sanctuaries, similar protection is given to all forms of wildlife. The most famous game sanctuary in India is the Gir Lion Sanctuary in Gujarat. Here lives the Asiatic lion, which once roamed freely all over North West India, Pakistan, Iraq and Arabia. This is the only part of the earth where the Asiatic lion still exists in its natural environment owing to the strict protection given to it.
All our national parks and sanctuaries are a source of great pleasure and recreation to thousands of visitors each year because they give an opportunity to people to see the rich fauna of our country in their natural surroundings.
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